Stackswell is now open source: https://github.com/JosephMueller/stackswell

We've made the decision to sunset Stackswell. The hope is to do so in the most graceful way possible and not just close shop immediately. Stackswell was started with love and we intend to shut it down the same way.

We came to this tough conclusion because the financial costs of upkeep, support and infrastructure outweighed the gains from sales.

So what's the plan?
We will stop making updates after the release of Sketch 54 and are expecting that to go out in about 5-6 months. After that the code will be open sourced and the license updated to an MIT license. This gives anyone the opportunity to update the code to keep Stackswell working. This opens the door for passionate parties to keep Stackswell working if they so wish.

As a community you all have been kind, patient and thoughtful. For that I am grateful.

Thank you,
The Stackswell Team